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  • How can I book in a repair?
    The fastest way to get a job booked in with us is to bring it directly to us! We will book in your job and take all the details required on the day, no need to call before hand. If you are unable to bring your repairs to us directly, you can contact us via the contact form here We can then book you in as an inbound job and give you a job number to place on the box. Once it's with us we will notify you and begin with the work required.
  • Do you clean or reproof?
    Sadly this isn't a service we offer anymore, we only repair & sell awnings/bell tents. We can only really advise cleaning the canvas with warm water. Most companies that have specialised in this service have gone bust due to canvases no longer being waterproof or the fact some stains/mildew is impossible to remove.
  • What units fit the Montelena Air Porch?
    Pennine Pathfinder We do not require your canvas to be with us as we fit a zip to the awning that will marry up with the original zip on your cabin. Conway Crusader We require your canvas to be with us to fit half of the zip on top of the original awning zip. Both of these allow you to still use your original awnings when needed.
  • What units fit the Sonoma II?
  • What units fit the Falcon Air Porch?
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