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• Uniloc Pads
• Techline Zips
• Draft Skirt
• Wheel Arch Cover
• Curtains
• Heavy Duty Nylon Pegs
• Ladder Bands
• Peg Bag
• Figure of 8
• Canvas Holdall Bag

Standard Specifications

• Roof Material: Climatech SR18 All Season Coated Polyester
• Wall Material: Climatech SR17 Coated Polyester
• Frame: 22mm/25mm Steel Frame With Griplock Clamps
• Size 4-10 – 3 Roof Poles
• Size 4-13 – 3 Leg Poles
• Size 11-19 – 5 Roof poles
• Size 14-19 – 5 Front Legs




Optional Extras

To enhance your Cayman Touring Awning we also have the below optional extras:

Techline Secure Straps (SL500)
Techline Centre Strap (SL580)
Standard Annexe (SL945)
Tall Annexe (SL944)
Standard Annexe Inner Tent (IT015)
Tall Annexe Inner Tent (IT091)
Awning Inner Tent (IT018)
Strom Legs (SL530)
Roof Rafter Pole (SL529)
Omnibrite Light System (SL5010)
Omnibrite Light System Top Up (SL5011)
Camptech Portable Power for Omnibritie Light System & Mobile Devices (SL5012-10K)
Wheeled Bag (1052)
Techline Secure Plus Bracket (SL590)
Protech Roof Raiser (Available for awnings size 14-16 / 17-19)
Veranda Pole (Available in standard and large)
Roof Liner (Available for size awnings from size 4-19)


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