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Quest Falcon 300 Air Drive Away (low top) Awning
The Falcon Air drive away comes in two different sizes (low and high top) and is a lightweight air porch awning, that is packed full of features, ease of use and low on weight and cost.
This awning will give you all of the performance you need without any extras you dont need, keeping the awning simple to use, lightweight and uncluttered.
The Falcon Air Technology (FAT) system is simplicity iteself and can even be fixed onsite by yourself if needs be. It comes complete with roof beams (optional for use) to give you added stability when needed, its completely up to you.
Combine this with the lightweight yet durable 150D fabric you get great performance without the weight of heavy awnings. The large panoramic windows all around allow an amazing amount of light in letting you appreciate the outdoors even more.
The awning has additional features such as full mesh doors, roll down, half or full blinds, roll up front panels, sun canopy front (if used with the optional universal canopy pole kit). All this plus a very small pack size, light weight and amazing value makes the Falcon an excellent awning for the weekend, first timers, the budget conscious and just about anyone after an easy to use lightweight porch awning.

Quest Tec150 Fabric
This is a modern, lightweight fabric. It has a high performance coating giving it a very high waterproof rating, whilst helping to keep the weight down and the pack size smaller. The fabric is naturally water rewashed off with water as the dirt is not 'soaked in' like it can on some heavier fabrics. The te) of 4,000 mm. The advanced coating on this lightweight fabric alt it is protected against the harmful suns rays and helps extend its lifespan. This same coating also gives it a U.P>f rating of 50+, which is teh highest possible, giving you great protection from the sun as well.

Very Small Pack Size
The lightweight fabric also allows it to be rolled and folded to a very small size. This option means that the awning packs down to a very small pack size.

Built in Drive Away Kit
This awning has dual beading. It has both 4 and 6mm beading sewn into the tunnel to ensure it can be used on any type of connection (standard awning channel, any roll out awning (such as Thule Omnistor, or Fiamma F45 etc.). The beading can also be zipped on and off. This removes the need for a drive away kit as you simply unzip the beading when you want to drive away and zip it back on when you come back. This also allows for a much better connection to the vehicle. When using a drive away kit you have a number of figure of eight pieces and double sided beading strip in between your awning and vehicle. This is not a strong or as stable connection as this single zipped beading and the single, zipped beading also means the awning is closer to your vehicle, thus reducing the potential for a gap at the back by the tunnel allowing for a better connection.

Quest Falcon 300 Air Low Drive Away ( used as Display model

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