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Introducing the Hampton DL Air Seasonal Awning with a single main body inflation point. Made from Camptech Climatech Premium Seasonal SR21 material that offers the convenience and speed of an air awning while providing the space of a traditional awning, making the Hampton DL perfect for short and long-term use, whilst also offering extra features such as panoramic windows with privacy blinds. The front can also be used as extra wide doors or veranda style, while still offering the option to add the seasonal air annex to create the extra bedroom or storage space.


  • Size: Available in sizes 6 to 21
  • Depth: 240cm
  • Colour: Black/Light Grey
  • Roof Material: Climatech SR21 All Season Coated Polyester
  • Wall Material: Climatech SR21 Coated Polyester
  • Front Layout: Sizes 6 to 14 have four front windows
  • Sizes 15 to 21 have six front windows
  • Sizes 10 to 14: 2 Extra Inflatable Roof Support Beams & 2 Extra Techline Vertical Support Poles
  • Sizes 15 to 21: 4 Extra Inflatable Roof Support Beams & 2 Extra Techline Vertical Support Poles
  • Front Panels: All panels can be rolled down or zipped out
  • Side Panels: Both panels can be rolled down or zipped out
  • Curtains: All front & side windows are fitted with curtains


  • Single Inflation Point & Multiple Deflation Points
  • Techline Secure Strap Buckles
  • Full Fly Screen Fitted To Both Sides
  • Outside Privacy Blinds
  • Techline ZipsDraft Skirt & Wheel Arch Cover
  • New 2023 Seasonal CurtainsPeg Bag/Canopy Poles


  • SL500 Techline Secure Straps
  • SL902 Inflatable DL Tall Annex
  • IT018 Awning Inner Tent
  • IT091 Annex Inner Tent
  • SL591/3V Roof Liner
  • SL5022/SL570 Techline Vertical Support Poles
  • SL5010 Omnibrite LED Starter Kit
  • SL5011 Omnibrite LED Top-Up Kit
  • SL5012-10K Battery Pack for Omnibrite LED Kits & Mobile Devices
  • 1055 Electric Air Pump
  • 1052 Wheeled Awning Bag
  • ​​​​​​​SL532 Alloy Veranda Bar

Hampton DL Traditional Seasonal Air Awning

SKU: SL957-6
PriceFrom £1,359.00
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