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Awning Includes

  •  Draught Skirt & Two Wheel Arch Covers
  •  Storm Straps
  •  Draught Seal Pads
  •  Sky Hooks
  •  Rock Pegs
  •  AirBeam® Pump
  •  Bracer Beams

The ideal setting for unwinding at the campsite, the Balletto Air 390 features Vango’s innovative AirBeam® Single Point Inflation and Multi-Point Deflation, ensuring a quick setup and pack-down, giving you more time to relax and enjoy your getaway. With large Diamond Clear Windows, you can take in panoramic views and enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your awning, or use the zipped curtains for added privacy. Made with Vango’s lightweight Elements Shield fabric, it ensures durability and a compact pack size for easy transportation. Whether you need extra storage, an additional bedroom, or a space for family meals and relaxation, the Balletto Air 390 offers it all.

Vango Balletto Air 390 Elements Shield Grey Violet

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